At Vu Productions, we understand that your family pet is a family member. As every day moments pass by, day after day, year after year, we collect precious memories of incidental interactions with our pets. Vu Productions offer the opportunity to capture those moments and create a portrait film focusing on a day in the life of your pet to create a timeless memento to cherish throughout our busy lives.


Pet Tribute Photo Presentation

Photo presentations are a great way to help you treasure the memory of your beloved family companion. Our compassionate editors will use subtle movement, soft transitions and the music of your choice to put together a tasteful reflection of your treasured pet.

How many photos?

A lot of people ask us how many photos to include. This is up to you. We will manage the timing of the photos to the length of the chosen song. We suggest a timing window of 6 to 10 seconds per photo, which equates to no more than 10 photos per minute of music. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us for more help.

How many songs?

Most photo presentations we provide include one or two songs, however it is entirely up to you to direct us on how many songs and photos you would like included.

Do I need to give you the music?

We are more than happy to use the music you provide, or source the music from your song and artist choice via iTunes. Please be aware that there are often several versions of the same song released by several different artists, so if you are particular with the music, it would be advisable to provide your song selection on cd.

Can I add video?

If you have some video footage that you would like included, please contact us to discuss this option as we can include most video types in the presentation.