The funeral service of someone we love can be a very difficult event to get through and then remember. The wonderful words shared in the eulogy can often be missed or forgotten due to the emotion or stress of the day. At Vu Productions we understand the importance of having a video of the service to help you through your grieving process. Most funeral chapels have built in recording facilities to provide you with a video of the service, however if you choose to hold the service outside of these locations, Vu Productions can discreetly capture the funeral service with respect to your family and guests.

We are discreet, appropriately dressed and arrive before your attendants to ensure no disruption to, or distraction of the service. We can provide the film of the service on DVD or a video file to share online with friends or family who could not attend the funeral due to distance or other variables.

Memorial Tribute Film

A eulogy can be a hard thing to write, and even harder to stand up in front of a congregation and read. We understand the importance of presenting an authentic, appropriate eulogy to reflect the character of your loved one. Vu Productions can record you reading the eulogy at your chosen location, edit it with photos and video images and present it as a Tribute Film to play as a eulogy. We can also provide voice-over services if required.

How long does it take to create? 

We require two hours on location for filming and collating photos to include in the eulogy, plus one day to edit and finalise your film for viewing during the service. For example, if the service is on Thursday, we would need to film on Tuesday, edit on Wednesday and deliver the film to the service on Thursday. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us and discuss how we can be of assistance.

Memorial Photo Presentation 

Vu Productions will respond quickly to produce a tasteful photo presentation to play during reflection time in the funeral service. Our memorial presentations include subtle movement, soft transitions and the music of your choice. Our skilled team endeavour to improve damaged photos and where possible remove tears and scratches. We take great pride in producing a photo presentation which not only reflects on the character of your loved one, but becomes a treasured keepsake for the years to come.

How many photos?

A lot of people ask us how many photos to include. This is up to you. We will manage the timing of the photos to the length of the chosen song. We suggest a timing window of 6 to 10 seconds per photo, which equates to approximately 10 photos per minute of music. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us for more help.

How many songs?

Most photo presentations we provide include one or two songs, however it is entirely up to you to direct us on how many songs and photos you would like included. If you are planning on having more than two songs or over 70 photos, we suggest you should discuss this with your celebrant or funeral director to ensure they have allowed the extra time during the service.

Do I need to give you the music?

We are more than happy to use the music you provide, or source the music from your song and artist choice via iTunes. Please be aware that there are often several versions of the same song released by several different artists, so if you are particular with the music, it would be advisable to provide your song selection on cd.